Tips For a Home Studio

So you dream of becoming a Photographer, then reality sets in as you tally the cost of equipment and a store front studio space along with many other expenses.

I made a conscious decision not to invest in a studio when I first started out as I had already decided to be a Commercial Location Photographer.

On Location
On Location for Christmas Card Cover

This worked for the first 10 years but as the verity of assignments grew I found that I required a large space at times which I rented but for the most part I could work out of my home studio. This small space still works great for Business Portraits as well as small product assignments.

My Loft Studio

Like most home studios they tend to be small which means we have to be creative when it comes to storage and how we can best use our available space. I only keep basic equipment in the studio space as I am lucky to have an adjoining room for editing and storage of equipment and props. You want to keep equipment off the floor as it can be a hazard for your clients so I installed a rack that keeps everything I need and off the floor. Ikea sells curtain roods and hangers at very reasonable prices and as you can see holds all the basic equipment need during a session.

Equipment Rack

Rood & Mount on Wall

Before digital we would test a setup with polaroids, now I can link to a tablet or a laptop. personally I prefer the tablet when in the studio which attaches to one of two Floor-to-Ceiling Poles that I use on location to hang backdrops but when in my home studio I use a Aerotab Universal Tablet Mount by Tether Tools to hold my iPad. This takes far less room than a table would.

Your backdrops need to be hung so I purchased a 2nd curtain rood to hang backdrops. My first backdrop is the wall which has been painted a matt white, the second is a length of black seamless that I attached to the wall at the top and roll up when not in use. The curtain rood holds any one of my muslins backdrops as the 3rd option all neat and tidy.

Money Saving Ideas

My generation grew up being taught how to save and if possible make what you need which also is very satisfying. Sure we could go out and buy everything but making it is even better like spray painting a piece of cardboard black to act as a gobo. How about dying an old white bed sheet to act as a backdrop.

If you have a small octagon softbox you can modify it with a simple add on to do double duty as a beauty dish.

Beauty Dish Accessory

My next post will cover storage and office space and how to max out a closet for storage and a computer work station. I will also cover security and a great option to keep your gear safe.


30+ Years as Photographer

I am now in to my 31st year as a Full time commercial photographer and still love creating images for my clients and myself.

The best part about my industry is not knowing who will call you next and what challenges will I be faced with, but let’s face it that only adds to the thrill of the assignment .


Areal of Coast Guard Cutter and helicopter

I have often wondered what made my clients contact me, was it my portfolio, perhaps a referral, the fact they continue to call is great.

I decided that 2020 was to be a year of changes for me like designing a new company Logo.

Adding a Mirrorless camera system to my equipment list was next, I have always been a tech guy. 2020 was also the year that I was to receive my PPOC CPA {Ctaftsmen of Photographic Arts} designation but because of Covid-19 I will have to wait a little longer to receive this in front of and with a number of my peers, we can not wait for this to happen.

2020 is also the year I decided to support my industry and PPOC by giving back as mentor to those entering this wonderful profession. Over the years I have reached out to individuals asking to work with me and hopefully keep them from not making the mistakes that I made. My time will soon end and I will step aside to make room for a new group of photographers already working their way up the ranks with innovative styles and new ideas here is to you and the best of luck.

Male Photographer

Owner of Camera One

Are you Fit ?

I have suffered with arthritis for many years and never thought about going to a fitness center until a friend suggested I talk to his trainer that may be able to help me with the pain I was in. You don’t associate weight training as something that could help arthritis sufferers well I am into year 3 and never felt so fit and PAIN Free in my life. When I had the opportunity to create portraits of some of my trainers I jumped at the chance as these are the people who keep me in the best shape ever.

Fitness Trainer

Crux Fitness Trainer

Crux Fitness Trainer

Crux Fitness

Smart Phone photo Tip

The camera’s in our smart phones have come a long way and their ability to adjust to most light levels is amazing. Next time you are taking a photo on your smart phone and find that your exposure is not what you want try placing your figure over the area you want lighten and watch what happens. In the example below I wanted more detail in the boat but not over expose the skyline. Hope you have fun with this tip.



Mother Daughter Baby Sister on the Way

For one of our last fall family photo session’s we decided to go to the beach and the weather was perfect. Joel was due to deliver her second child so you keep thinking not today please and I did not want to place to much strain on her but she was great. Joel did deliver a healthy baby girl a few weeks later and both are doing well.

Family on beach

Family Beach Time


Mother & Daughter

Mother Daughter


Mother and daughter

Special Moment


Leaf Toss

Leaf Toss

As a portrait specialist I am never sure who or were my next assignment may be and that is what makes my job the BEST. Recently while I was working out at my fitness centre the owners presented me with the opportunity to create some after images of one of their clients. With a lot hard work in a very short period of time Jacky went from a chubby young man to this very fit person you see here.


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